25 February 2017

Starting my crocheting adventure

For many years I have admired the talents of Crocheters. How they can make something so beautiful with just one hook. 
So I decided that instead of admiring I should learn how to Crochet myself.

I could do a basic Granny Square so looking at my ever growing wool stash, I decided that by using the odd bits I had from finished knitting projects I would make a blanket.
This way I could learn how to use the hook, how to practice my tension and also learn different stitches.

I began my Granny A Day Project. Just by crocheting a simple granny square every day would only take a few minutes, and I could concentrate on what I was doing.

Returning to the land of all things woolly

In 2009 I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after being ill for many months with numerous colds and viruses.
As someone who has always been busy I found it very hard to just sit and relax, which is what the Dr ordered me to do.

Being constantly physically and mentally tired, but finding something to fight the boredom I decided to try my hand at knitting again.
I had knitted for both of my daughters before and after they were born, I had knitted baby clothes and blankets for all of my friends and their babies so I knew the basics.

My mind was set when I saw this cute pig *pattern in a magazine my other half bought home for me..
 photo peppa_pig_zps3iuasjhq.jpg

14 May 2015

Keeping the kittens warm

After making my Granny A Day Blanket, I still had some small oddments leftover with no idea of what to use it for.
I was reluctant to just throw them away so I was thrilled to be able to use the to help our local RSPCA Shelter.
At first I was thinking along the lines of blankets for the dogs, but the staff told me the kittens were desperate. So that made my mind up. Kitty blankets it is!

 I wound all of my odd bits of yarn, mostly Acrylic, into one huge ball and just crocheted away. 

Each blanket is crocheted using the granny stitch and is 20 rounds.

Here's the first one off the needle.

25 February 2015

Cables And Twists

One of the things I had always wanted to try was to knit cables. So when my OH said he wanted a Cabled cardigan making I took up the challenge, and boy! what a challenge it was!

I looked for days for a simple pattern and soon realised there was nothing simple about knitting cables. I wouldn't be beaten though and OH picked this design NorthShore out of around 5 I had found in books, on the internet and looking through all of my many magazines.

I decided to make my life easier by keeping the back and sleeves plain and simple and just concetrate (as best I could) on using the cable pattern for the front.

This back piece was knitted in a simple Knit 2 Purl 2 rib. But keeping with the plain garter stitch panel on the side which is what the pattern called for.

30 July 2013

I think it's Summer!

Hi everyone!

As you've probably heard if you don't live in the UK, we've had the hottest summer on record since 2006.
Although I don't remember it being that hot then either.
I think it's safe to say that summer finally arrived here.
We've had a couple of days of on and off thunderstorms, but thankfully it has cleared the humidity and we can all breathe a bit easier.

My garden has certainly loved it, and it's been lovely to see so many gorgeous butterflies, birds and bees enjoying our blooming plants.

As for the creation side of things. It's been a tad too hot to settle into something wooly & heavy so I treated myself to this lovely pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits.
I've admired these rabbits for quite a while and when Julie decided to share the pattern to the general public I hopped over to Ravelry (pardon the pun) and bought it. I also bought the boy bunny pattern too.

A few days later she released the pattern for the little dresses these adorable characters wear and of course I had to buy that too. Well you have to have the set don't you ;-)

Here is my first attempt:

I've called her Matilda!
Here is my Ravelry Project Page which lists the wool I've used.

My eldest daughter wants one too, so I've already cast on.
This time with a different coloured yarn for the body, shoes & dress.

If any of you would like to make your own little rabbit.
Here are the links to the patterns & website.

I can't wait until Julie releases the patterns for her other animals!